If our current societal “progress” is leading us toward ecological destruction, the erosion of community and relationships, and a deterioration of our collective wellbeing, what's the point? Why are we being pushed to uphold the arbitrary normalcies of a disoriented system clearly failing its people and our Earth?

UPROOTED is a 100% reader-funded, in(ter)dependent newsletter by @GreenDreamerKamea exploring sustainability through the critical lenses of deep ecology and decolonial thought-in-progress. It centers on those who've been dispossessed—physically, emotionally, spiritually—and alludes to a future of true abundance and wellness for all, when the dominant, exploitive system has been uprooted.

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A lot of mainstream discourses within the fields of “sustainability” and “wellness” have been shaped by corporate interests with ulterior motives. This skews our understanding of what it will really take to achieve those goals. In fact, that's the primary reason I decided to move away from being a mostly brand-sponsored blogger and to start this reader-powered newsletter.

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The three-fold significance of “UPROOTED”

My lenses center on those who have been unjustly uprooted—from Black and Indigenous peoples who've been violently displaced, climate or war-zone refugees forced to migrate, to everyday people who feel spiritually dispossessed of their full humanity with an economic system that reduces them into tools of productivity.

My approach as a primarily community-supported writer, podcaster, and creative is to always aim to unearth the root causes and nuance of the varied issues I cover.

And finally, after having interviewed hundreds of frontline and thought leaders, I've had to reckon with the weighty reality that we need to transform “modern society” altogether to sow new seeds of the future. I'm not sure what that would look like, but the ability to dream freely of what could be after the rot of our health crises has been uprooted ignites my soul.

Note on my approach: In my writing, I quote various researchers, authors, and journalists for the substance of what they share. The quotes are not endorsements of all the views of those people. I'm not interested in creating echo chambers. I believe in blurring boundaries, encouraging critical thinking, holding space for nuance, and leaving open ends for spillovers, for engagement, for evolution in thought—rather than maintaining the carceral logic of reductionistic “sides”. Journalistic ethics require me to properly cite the findings and resources I learned from, even when they are from people or platforms I do not agree with on every single issue. I quote for the substance, not as endorsements.


Kamea Chayne is an independent writer, the publisher of UPROOTED, and the host of Green Dreamer Podcast. Known for her perceptive commentary and incisive questioning, she's interviewed over 300 sustainability, social justice, and public health thought leaders—including Vandana Shiva, Suzanne Simard, Bayo Akomolafe, Tyson Yunkaporta, Harriet A. Washington, Charles Eisenstein, Adrian Grenier, Cristina Mittermeier, NYT bestselling authors Rutger Bregman and Raj Patel, and more.

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