If our current societal “progress” is leading us toward ecological destruction, the erosion of community and relationships, and a deterioration of our collective wellbeing, what's the point? Why are we being pushed to uphold the arbitrary normalcies of a disoriented system clearly failing its people and our Earth?

UPROOTED is a 100% reader-funded newsletter exploring our paths toward collective and planetary healing through counter-cultural lenses. It is a space for those who want to dig deeper and sit with the mess. It is for those who are unafraid to question mainstream narratives and embrace the discomfort of not having simple answers.

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A lot of mainstream discourses within the fields of “sustainability” and “wellness” have been shaped by corporate interests with ulterior motives. This skews our understanding of what it will really take to achieve those goals. In fact, that's the primary reason I decided to move away from being a mostly brand-sponsored blogger and to start this reader-powered newsletter.

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As I work to shapeshift and embody intentionality, please note that I do not adhere to a rigid publication schedule. Every essay requires a different amount of time to research, explore, and bring to fruition, and I wish to honor my own cycles of creativity/burnout. But as I further divest from “social” media, this is the best place to keep in touch with me and my work!

About the publisher

Kamea is a creative, the writer and publisher of UPROOTED, and the host and producer of Green Dreamer. Germinated and watered in Taiwan with a Hakka-Taiwanese biocultural upbringing that was influenced by Taoist/Buddhist philosophies and practices of land and ancestral veneration, she roots many of her values in relation to her grandparents’ lives as subsistence farmers in rural Longtan.

Their intellectual inquiries are guided by their sense of belonging to the “outside”—not fitting in yet also not wanting to play into reductionistic sides or perpetuate the simplification of the human experience. A cultural critic who dreams of “reorienting growth” against dominant currents, they hope their work inspires boundless curiosity, critical thinking, experimental shapeshifting, and deep empathy for all.

A note on my writing: I quote speakers, researchers, and writers for the substance of what they share—for the specific contexts at hand. Featured quotes do not mean that I endorse or agree with their source’s every view or action. I'm not interested in creating echo chambers and contributing to the simplification of public discourse, and I’m not interested in upholding the carceral logic of reductionistic “sides.” I believe in blurring boundaries, holding space for nuance, encouraging critical thinking, and leaving open ends for spillovers, complex engagement, and evolution in thought and feeling.

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countercultural reflections and roundups on our collective and planetary wellbeing


kamea is a writer, creative, and podcast host of Green Dreamer, for which she's interviewed over 400 thought and community leaders while exploring our paths to collective healing, biocultural revitalization, and true abundance and wellness for all.