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Kamea, this is a powerful post. Thank you. I encourage readers to read and share. You have the gift of insight and ‘thought shift’ which I appreciate (in an appreciative enquire kind of way). So much of it resonates with my thinking and … emotions.

Exposing one’s vulnerabilities is one of the paths to our evolution, i think. I won’t share all my thoughts now (they need time to mature), rather, like you, I do podcasting and blogging about the issues I care about (in my case it’s arts and the ecological crisis on conscient.ca) and will do a piece about this posting of Uprooted in a few weeks.

I consider your work, both these Uprooted pieces and the Green Dreamer series, as fundamental communications work of our era and thank you for all of your hard work.

I want to end this posting with a little story. I listened to the John Clark episode on Green Dreamer while biking at Lynn Creek conservation area near Vancouver last winter. I remember it moving me deeply and lifting my spirit. At one point it felt like my bike was floating on air (like in ET) and that I was able to see the bigger picture, from the air ….

I agree with Clark about ‘radically creative beings’, ‘poets as legislators of the world’ and ‘Earth as Artist of all artists’.

In solidarity


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