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Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful things, Kamea.

On creativity's ebbs and flows, have you read Rick Rubin's 'The Creative Act'? I'm reading it at the moment and finding it so thought-provoking and inspiring:


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I have not heard of 'The Creative Act' but I'm intrigued based on the description / public info shared on it! Thanks so much for the recommendation! :)

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You're welcome – I have a feeling you'll find it very helpful. :) A friend of mine who teaches yoga told me yesterday that she's been reading excerpts of the book to her students to help them with blocked creativity and flow. One thing it's really helped me see is that all the things I've considered personal failings in my own creative journey are so common to most creative people, and that in itself has released a lot of fear and anxiety!

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Kamea, I enjoy the format and content of undercurrents. Thank you. It’s working as a space to enlighten and reflect. It’s interesting to follow your ongoing learning journey. Your are a prescient thought leader which helps us all by reminding us of new modes of perception and connection, and that’s ok to admit when we don’t know )yet) or are exploiting new waters. For example, I appreciate when you draw from your vast experience with Green Dreamer. It connects the dots. I try to do the same, on a smaller scale, with my conscient podcast, in particular when I notice ‘blind spots’ in my thinking that might help others see that it’s ok to make mistakes and to let them inform our work. I see value in exploring these undercurrents and eddies collectively. It helps break isolation and support each other. Thx for this offering and take care in the mud.. A la prochaine Claude

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